We are a bilingual comedy collective that loves celebrating our Latino lifestyle.

Started by two Chingonas locas in San Antonio, Texas in 2017, the show has evolved into an entertaining variety of live comedy acts, sketch comedy, and some good ole chisme! Through real life convos and creative skits, our goal is to empower our gente by telling entertaining stories we can all relate to. Whether you need a good belly laugh or a trip down memory lane, this next generation of comics are sure to make you spill your Michelada!



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22 hours ago
Bean & Chisme

Who needs to pay a professional when you have "DJ Tio?!" We know this speech all too well 🤣🤣🤣 ft. Samantha Najera and Aj Rivas.

Happy FRIDAY 😎🎉🎤🎧
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Ok but why did I think you were doing a Johnny Depp skit at first with the hat,glasses and mustache

Why do they always play the same Santana song???🤣😂😆 for years now. You would think they came up with a new song by now... lol

Why you look like Johnny Depp???? 😂

There's always a Tia Tencha snatching centerpieces! (and taking 6 plates to go)

Omg this song Mom Rosemary Sepeda De Leon lol I'm traumatized from my QUINCE nombre 🤣🤣

Been doing that skit under my breath! Thank you for bringing it to life! Lmfao 😂💗

You're to late. I saw your Tia put 2 center pieces in the car already.

Hired and stop taking 20 plates to go for all your cousins 😂😂😂😂

Relatives bring their own to go ziplocks or tuperware…true story! 😵‍💫😂

Melissa thank you for the rice and the beans! Lmao!!!

OMG, this is awesome


Europa is the marcha standard.

Hermelinda Garcia when Mike brings his speaker 😂

🤔como que ya no se usan las Madrinas y Padrinos verda? times are tough! bring back the Madrinas and Padrinos de TODO! 💃

Julissa #bestnameever! 😘😘

Too funny I spit up my drink! 😂



Krista Polanco

Stephanie Jasso Flores 😆

Crystal Lynn Gonzales Rose Ontiveros Montano Jessica Torres-Peña 🤣

Karolina Salazar 😆

Mary Aguilar 🤣🤣

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2 days ago
Bean & Chisme

Win FREE tickets to see Ramón Ayaln Ayala ft. David Lee Garza tomorrow night at the @therounduptx. FollThe Roundup Music Venuec Venue and tag 2 friends to win. 2 winners will be selected tomorrow morning!

For tickets, visit www.therounduptx.com
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Win FREE tickets to see Ramón Ayala  ft. David Lee Garza tomorrow night at the @therounduptx. Follow the The Roundup Music Venue and tag 2 friends to win. 2 winners will be selected tomorrow morning! 

For tickets, visit www.therounduptx.com

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Ramon Ayala with the tios would be EPIC !!!

Becca Villalpando if I would have known I would have gone there tonight for this Iv been wanting to see him

Nessa Vanessa Trevino trev

Linda Garibay Jennlynn Garibay tomorrow!!!

Sally Lafferty Chels Mtz

Nora Jaramillo Elizabeth Symons-Garcia

Felix N Brenda Galvan Mary G Maldonado

Catarino Ramirez Louie Tha Barber

Oscar Martinez Ruby Martinez

Rudy Rodriguez

Laura Pachecano

Elisa Medina , Margie Reyes Ornelas

Jakki Rozay Jose Mendez

John Work Jerry Olivarri 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Isaias Reyes Adrian Medel

Pablo Rodriguez

Ren Velasquez

Ashley Michelle Sara De Los Santos

Linda Escajeda Rafael Escajeda

Paul Gomez

Jesalyn Lopez Giselle Chavez

Karen Ortiz

Dicenia Gonzales, Mary Hinson

Mary Trevino

Mamacita Nini Unica Bbygurl

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5 days ago
Bean & Chisme

Today's episode of American Vida "To Chola or Not To Chola?" A discussion with Tito En Vivo and Samantha Najera on the inner culture conflict Latinos have with stereotyped characters. Def one to dive into! Listen now! www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-american-vida-30786081/episode/to-chola-or-not-to-chola-96971565/ ... See MoreSee Less

Todays episode of American Vida To Chola or Not To Chola? A discussion with Tito En Vivo and Samantha Najera on the inner culture conflict Latinos have with stereotyped characters. Def one to dive into! Listen now! https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-american-vida-30786081/episode/to-chola-or-not-to-chola-96971565/

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Your makeup looks good, that lip stick color is very nice. He has great complexion, what's he using muy sueva..

Keep on doing you Miss Sam, You, Niña Girl and Chona E - Joanna Estrada. Don’t worry about the naysayer’s. I remember how much the first time I listened to y’all. You took me back to the people I hung out with. My friends their sisters were all hood-rats. You guys would all do your skits. But then when it got down to the nuts and bolts of life. You and Nina would always give good solid positive advice.

To hair or not to hair? Yours is looking good. Nice picture you two. ❤️🙏🏼

Loving ur style beautiful ma'

Here is how I catch hoodratz vm.tiktok.com/ZTdGHuxmP/?k=1

Chola or Hoodrat it's still...

Samantha Najera man that’s a tough convo but glad you doing it. I personally think part of the conflict many Hispanics have is some male Hispanics with tattoos or who are viewed as bad boys I guess lol (thug) have gotten tons of hate from other hispanic males who aren’t thuggish I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️. All this stems from a girl who left them oe dissed that Hispanic male for a thuggish type guy. Also same goes Vice versa many hispanic females who aren’t chola really lol, have had their male significant other leave them or diss them (cheat) for a chola hispanic female. So long story short some cholas and thug hispanic vatos feel they get hated on BAD by other Hispanics cause of stuff ^ like that and in many cases they RIGHT. I’ve known many dudes for sure get heated saying “man she left me for a guy who has no education or good paying job) etc. Also observed some hispanic females get heated saying “I can’t believe he left me for that ghetto chola). I understand all sides of the discussion and argument though, and no matter what haters gonna hate. Glad you having a VERY tough discussion.

You do you, girl!

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6 days ago
Bean & Chisme

In honor of the Saturday Night Live chola skit that aired last night, we'd thought we'd share how we do it down here in San Anto! This was filmed in 2018 (our very first sketch comedy video!) and was the birth of the "Lil' Frijolita" and "Lil Chismosa" characters played by Nina Duran and Samantha Najera . We didn't plan on it going anywhere, we just thought it would be fun to re-create and celebrate the beautiful Brown culture we grew up with 🤎 Now two Latinas Selena Gomez and Melissa Villaseñor are on Nationally syndicated TV doing the same! We must be doing something right. We're proud of what we've done and we know we'll be there soon too✊🏽💅🏼🎥🤩. Looking forward to Season 3 coming this Fall!!! #hoodratthings #hoodrats #sketchcomedy #latinosinhollywood #latinasincomedy #cultura #comedy ... See MoreSee Less

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We love yall and let the Haters keep hating 😉😉😉😉

And the rest was history….. Job well done Ratas. You two are empowering women, who brings laughter and joy to many people. Your skits have brightened many of my days. And have made my side ache many times.

I just love the comedy in this so down to earth got to go with it 🤣 😄 you two are so funny don't let the negative posts bring you guys down you all totally rock

My sister passed away years ago but would have loved your skits. Her favorite word was “estupid” as a joke. Keep bringing us the funny !! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Brooklyn Lewis .. I think I look like the girl in white with my eyebrows. All hella dark and thick.. Maybe thats why ppl compliment my brows cuz they just be popping out there

I love this ❤️ I miss lil chismosa & lil frijolita my favorite cholas! When will we see y’all doing more hood rat things lol 😍

Lol love it 🤣🤣🤣 I miss the old me sometimes

Yes! Keep on keepin on awesome ladies!! 1 DAY💪👊🤜🤛😊

OMG, you BOTH make an AWESOME team. We love you Bean & Chisme. Sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

C/S (if you don’t know, look it up)

These two are hilarious 😂

Hell yea y'all are bad 👌👍👍👍

So because of y’all SNL is a hit?? 😂🤣😂😂😂😂 now that was funny!

Yeah, you think Selena and SNL copied you two ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lala Inez this could of been us but you playing lol

Keep doing these funny skits.

God bless u be tripping

Luv y'all's little shows lol

Felicity Godines this is how we do in the 210 ... 😏

Love it

Yo quería Churros, but fruit cups will do!!!

What city or state are they from ? Cause definitely not Cali or L.A homegirls 💯

Bean & Chisme you did it better

Where would I find this?

She said There are 2 things you don’t mess with in life Jesus and Selena 😆😆😆😆

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Nina Duran | Lil’ Frijolita

Life Goal: To give all the perritos on the streets a home and wear the same chanclas for life.
Favorite Quote: “Life happens. Cafecito helps.”
Favorite Hoodrat Snack: Hot Cheetos with extra cheese pleeease!

Nina Duran, better known as Lil’ Frijolita is the showrunner and co-host for Bean & Chisme. She started making money moves as an Associate Producer for “Great Day SA,” a live morning show in San Antonio, TX and from there she went to work for Ford Motor Company (mira look it). Lil’ Frijolita was one of the first female writers who targeted the young mom demographic. From there she traveled to fancy places like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Trinidad & Tobago as a freelance writer. She also served as Publisher for San Antonio’s only bilingual, family-owned newspaper, La Prensa de San Antonio. There she started in sales and eventually became a managing partner. Currently Lil’ Frijolita also serves as Vice President of Marketing & Sales for HeartFire Media, a creative marketing company. She’s also been involved with several nonprofits including the Alzheimer’s Association, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, St. PJ’s, the San Antonio Humane Society, The Salvation Army, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children’s, and the Public Relations Society of America, to name a few. Lil’ Frijolita is a hard-working mama of two boys, Elijah and Noah.

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Samantha Najera | Lil’ Chismosa

Life Goal: To be Mexican Oprah so I can give away cars and pay for funerals.
Favorite Quote: “There’s two things in life we pray to…Jesus and Selenas”
Favorite Hoodrat Snack: Hot Cheetos and The Piccadilly from Big Daddy’s.

Samantha Najera, better known as Lil’ Chismosa is a show creator and co-host for Bean & Chisme.  Samantha has over 15 years of experience in radio, TV, film, marketing and communications industry, earning her Chingona badge long ago. While working hard on her degree from the University of the Incarnate Word (that’s right, she is an educated Latina), she was an intern for Turner Studios in Atlanta, GA., serving as a production assistant on various sets including TBSʼs “Movie and a Makeover,” “Dinner & A Movie,” and Cartoon Networkʼs “Cartoon Fridays.” Lil’ Chismosa also worked as a production assistant for San Antonioʼs ABC Affiliate KSAT 12 News and became a news reporter herself for ABC 40 News in College Station. In November 2012, Samantha launched her own Creative Marketing & Public Relations firm in San Antonio, HeartFire Media LLC. and has continued to provide creative services to businesses all around Texas. When she’s not making people laugh or creating video content, she’s a Chingona Mom to her 5 year-old daughter Ava Grace and dog Franky aka el diablo pequeno.

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Joanna Estrada AKA Chona-E.

Life goal: To be the next Fallas Paredes.
Favorite Quote: “Alaaaaaaaaaa!”
Favorite Hoodrat Snack: Popcorn with pickle juice and chamoy for the chorro vatoooo!

Joanna Estrada is an actress/comedian from San Antonio Texas. She studied acting (stage and film) at The American Music and Dramatic Academy in NY and Los Angeles. Joanna has been practicing her craft for 21 years.   She is best known for her music video parodies, however she also started doing standup and is killing it! She’s a mom and wife, often using her husband in her comedic content. You can see Joanna performing at live shows, meet and greets, across Texas.

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Alex “AJ” Rivas

Life goal: To be the Mero Mero Frijolero!
Favorite Quote: “Anything for Selenasss”
Favorite Hoodrat Snack: Hot Cheetos con sal y limon with a coca Mexicana on the side.

Alex is a Tik Tok star from San Antonio, Texas. Known for his creative Tik-Toks that often tell the story of “Growing up Mexican” and Tex-Mex life. He has a character “Yessica” that does lot’s of Selena lip syncs, parodies, and remakes of scenes from the Selena movie. He also dabbles in standup and hosts events as well. AJ has fans across the U.S. and you can find AJ on Tik Tok often coming up with creative stories that showcase the “Hoodrat” life and many more relatable characters.

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